I Wore Skinny Jeans 😳 😮 😯 -Article

I ain’t skinny, so I have spent my entire thick life staying away from skinny jeans.  It hasn’t been hard to do. When I was younger and much smaller, HUGE clothing was in style.  Once the skinny jeans trend kicked in, I didn’t have to worry about the little pants because they didn’t make them in my size, lol.  Now things are different. Skinny jeans are in every size, and I am not afraid to try something new. 

Actually, I was petrified to wear the sprayed on pants — BUT when fear comes, we should acknowledge it and do whatever scares us anyway! So …

Recently, I ordered an oversized comic book-inspired shirt and spray on skinny jeans from Asos. The shirt was noted on the site as being “oversized.’ Truth be told, it was way too big.  Asos sizing charts are off. I typically wear a 2x-3x in regular store sizes, but with Asos I sometimes find that a 6x shirt is too small. I ordered the 6x based on the sizing chart and while it was oversized, it wasn’t as oversized as the photo on the site suggested. I wish that I would have been able to wear it without tucking any of it in (I French tucked the shirt— tucked in the front and left the back out). Unfortunately, because of the fit, I had to tuck it to make it almost work. It wasn’t terrible, but the shirt needed some tailoring to look perfect. With the low cost of the shirt, I didn’t think tailoring makes sense.  

Now to the skinny jeans. It takes a lot to convince a 6’5, nearly 300lb man to squeeze his big ass into some pants marketed as “Spray on Skinny Jeans.”  In the black ass family that I grew up in, men did not wear too-little clothes. Definitely nothing that would be called “sprayed on.”  However, within the last few years I have discovered what women have known forever— stretch jeans are the best!  They feel better. They fit your body better. They allow for a natural movement when you stretch, lean, or sit.  Not to mention they don’t attack your body or push back when you’ve eaten too much or are bloated, lol. To that end, I thought that taking it up a level to sprayed on jeans would be perfect. 

It wasn’t. They were too damn tight for my personal taste, but whatever! I didn’t look terrible in them. I just don’t think spray on jeans are for me. Tapered jeans— yes!  Slim/athletic fit with a little stretch— yes!  Traditional skinny jeans— maybe depending on the fit.  Spray on skinny jeans— issa fat no! LoL 

Otherwise the outfit wasn’t terrible, my white glasses from Zeni were interesting— maybe toooo matchy-matchy, but they worked. I paired the jeans with some white Adidas mid-high basketball shoes with black stripes, and I felt thick and sexy in my little outfit.

Where to Shop: Spray on Skinny Jeans with Hard Rips & Side Stripe: Asos ($45), Oversized Comic Book Print Shirt: Asos ($48), Bead/Metal Bracelets: Yatamu.com, Adidas mid-high basketball shoes: Amazon ($65)

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