2020 has been WAAAAAY TOO LONG! Between the Rona, police killing black people, quarantine life, the murders of Breonna Taylor still being free, the death of Chadwhick Boseman, the lunacy of President Trump, the election and everything else- ya boy needed a break. My mental health was barely there, BUT its a new season and IM BAAAAAACK!

Let me introduce you to my amazing friend Jamond (@LoveJamond on the Gram). We met up back in the spring for a social distance photoshoot at my church and he serves thighs and chest in this dope fit! Stay tuned for an article he wrote about this experience later this week and a video to follow.

If you are interested in being featured on this site please hit me up on the gram @iaintskinny.blog to discuss. Thanks for stopping by and please like, comment, and share this site! Weekly posts are back and here to stay until the holidays!

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