Fall into YELLOW!

SOOOOO…. I wore yellow! All yellow! Bright Yellow shirt and pants! I was kinda worried about looking like a big O’ banana… BUT whatever! I did it; I’m loving it. I purchased the sweatshirt on the official Champion website after seeing an ad on Instagram. I had to purchase the pants separately on Amazon because the official Champion site was sold out. I ain’t skinny yet the 3XL shirt and pants are very roomy! (I require a strong 3XL otherwise I need a 4XL) I paired the sweatsuit with shoes that I purchased from Nike.com earlier this year. For whatever reason the shoes are no longer on their site. (To find them just search online for: AIR FORCE 1 LOW ’07 LV8 HYPER GRAPE or SKU: CJ0524-002. Mine were Manufactured: 4/27/19). Ordinarily I would not think this bright AZZ yellow would be a fall color, BUT it’s 2020 – WHY NOT?!?!?!?!?!

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