A few of my favorite things…

I discovered the Awkward Society hoodie a online a few months ago and I love them! The company honors all things “Awkward” changing the meaning from negative to positive as they celebrate the things that make individuals unique. Furthermore, the hoodies are embroidered and not merely screen printed which elevates the look. The wrist is embroidered with the words “stand out” and the hoodie came with a button, sticker, and a “membership card” that really solidifies the idea of me celebrating my awkwardness. I’m unique. I’m weird. I’m awkward and with this hoodie I have found my people!

I have two of the hoodies, and t-shirt and I’m pretty much hooked. For this post I paired the top with my favorite Mustard Apollo Travel Set from Tote N Carry and I’m really feeling it. Purple and yellow always go well together. I CONSTANTLY get complimented on the bags from a diverse set of people. While traveling last month an old white man in a Texas airport complimented the set, just about five mins after a gen-Z-er well dressed in fresh streetwear yelled “bro I love your bag!” as he passed my gate. The bags have plenty of room, they are well made, and the colors are POPPIN! Check them out! I completed the look with some athletic fit jeans and a pair of my favorite orange, yellow, and black Jordan 1’s. I ain’t skinny and these are a few of my favorite things!

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