Black Pride Prep!

My 8th grade girlfriend gave me the nickname “Preppy”because she said I dressed like a combination of Zach Morris on Saved by the Bell and Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. She was right; I still love the look! I enjoy mixing casual pieces with items that are more dressy. I like to wear jeans and sneakers with neckties and sweaters. I also enjoy wearing a suit with sneakers (I guess I was kinda Kamala before I even knew who she was). Today’s fit is inspired by my Preppy School Boy aesthetic and features a basic cardigan with three patches I sewed on that I all came from Amazon. The khaki chinos that I wore came from The Winston Box and the pink turtleneck is from Asos. Everyone who knows me knows that I loooooooove sneakers and the 80th anniversary Bugs Bunny Converse Chuck Taylors are my favorite shoes ever (at least at this moment lol).

Try it! Get a sweater and some patches and show off who you are and what’s important to you! What kind of patches would be on your sweater??? I have a letter D for my first name, a Quote honoring Harriet Tubman (“Keep Going!”), and a Black Power fist. If you are interested in personalized/customized patches check out my friend Josh who made my custom Christmas patch for my not ugly at all Christmas Sweater (I had an artist to draw the image and Josh created a patch for me that I sewed onto an Amazon sweater). (Tip: the dry cleaners will usually have someone who can sew the patches on for you if you don’t sew. Moreover, there are also plenty of “iron on patch” options, but you must be really careful because they don’t always remain secure.).

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