i ain’t skinny is a blog dedicated to sharing encouragement and inspiration to men of size through fashion and grooming style influence.



Rev. Derek Terry is a body positivity advocate, fashion enthusiast, pastor, leader, thinker, speaker, writer, activist, entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, and one of his generation’s leading voices on spiritual and social issues.  He preaches and teachers across the nation on issues of spirituality, civil rights, race & social justice, income inequality, and courageous living.  Dedicated to living his authentic truth and encouraging others to do the same, Rev. Derek challenges audiences and individuals to ALWAYS LIVE WELL!

Rev. Derek is extremely creative, wielding his imagination and artistry to fill the world with items that not only serve to improve the confidence and style of men of size, but also to honor and celebrate the attractiveness and appeal that they offer the world. An artist of multiple mediums, his popular self-designed merchandise (jewelry, t-shirts, accessories, bags and swag) glows online through his Yatamu Brand.

A Little about Rev. Derek:
  • Pastor/ Preacher, & Writer
  • Chemist & Scholar
  • Fashion Enthusiast
  • Clothes & Jewelry Creative