It’s Not Just a Hoodie…

I love Hoodies!  I have loved them since college actually.  There is something spectacular about a sweatshirt that is warm enough to keep you from needing a jacket, and has a hood to warm you or protect you from unexpected rain/snow.  On top that, hoodies also have a nice pouch/pocket to easy throw your phone/wallet/anything else into. I also love that you can wear them with anything… khakis, jeans, sweats, pajama bottoms, tights, and the like.  This year I have discovered the All Over Print Hoodies from Melaninful.  They run huge so take that into account (I like my stuff big tho lol) but they are bold, bright, DIFFERENT, and dope AF.  I’ve purchased about five of them and this Raised Fist Hoodie was my first and is probably my fav of the lot.  What I appreciate most is that I ain’t skinny and they go all the way up to size 5XL!  Check them out!! 

SN: Be very careful about adding items to the pocket/pouch on your belly because it can easily make you look bulky/awkward in a very unflattering way. 

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